How is it possible that your high standards make you feel insecure when it comes to dating?

I've finally found out what keeps me from dating and, as absurd as it sounds, it's my high standards. not in the way that I can't find a guy I like, but when I found one and he asks me out, I can't believe it's true and I feel too ugly or stupid to see him again.

Like I go for guys that I think are too good for me, does that make any sense?

For example, I am always attracted to the guys who are good at something that I suck at. and like if a guy knows many foreign languages, then too me that's not impressive because I know I could do it too.


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  • That's understandable. You feel that you're unworthy because you don't meet your standards. Otherwise, you would be comfortable in going out with the guys that you want. You have to be realistic. You can't get everything that you are looking for in one person. There's always the good and the bad. Once you fix yourself and become comfortable with who you are, then, your insecurities will disappear.


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  • Maybe I am prejudiced but learning foreign languages makes you so much more insightful, it's not just knowing verbs. Someone can be good at sports without knowing anything at all about life in general, but foreign languages mean you understand at least SOME things.

    • You are obviously a thoughtful and good person. No one has the right tomake you feel ugly or stupid!

  • Yeah try lowering your standards people might not dislike you so much for them.


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