Should I or should I not go to prom?

Ok so I'm currently in 12th grade and am gonna graduate in may anyways I thought about it a lot and stuff and at first I wanted to go and to my prom too but now I just think it's a waste of money and I probably won't enjoy it I know you only graduate high school once but I don't feel motivated for it so should I not go or should I?


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  • I didn't go my senior year, I went my junior year though.

    I wouldn't go unless someone was offering to take you. If you don't have a date, prom will just be depressing.

    High School is a joke, graduating it doesn't mean anything. Don't worry about trying to make it some big deal, just move on to either college or job or married life.

    • Actually,graduating from high school IS a big deal.

      No education=no job.

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    • Yea I was talking to Thelma, I don't know if he wants to take you then just go. As for graduation, I only went because my family wanted me to so they could watch me walk. It was the most boring night of my life haha, but it was kind of cool having the official last moment of high school. End it with punctuation or something like that

    • Ah,ok I misunderstood you. Sorry.

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  • I went reluctantly with my best friend's sister (I was asked to go, it was not my idea). I surprisingly had a great time. This good time though, was undone by about a year of being led on and having my heart broken. If you don't want to go, I wouldn't recommend going. I wish I had never attended. It led to a lot of wasted time.


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  • I say go. Like you said,you only graduate ONCE and I'm sure you'll regret it somewhere down the road. I went to both and am glad I did.

    Sure it's a waste of money but so is a wedding. A lot of people spend money on one day-only to divorce a short time later.

    Go! Have fun and enjoy the experience:)