Guys, Girls: How do I start being open to dating again?

I just lost someone I deeply care about because of my inability to open myself up to guys and accept things as they are. I decided I need to open myself up more to guys and accept them when they approach me. Please help me on how I can overcome my fear of opening up and give me advice on how I can do that. Keep in mind I always push away guy I like and I end up driving them out of my life. I need to change that because I hurt myself in the end and its like I find anyway to destroy things and I can't continue like that :( . If I'm at a club, how do I open myself up to guys and accept them wanting to date me ? What are things I can do to help me? Thank you! (:


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  • I'm in the same position, so I'm not sure if I should be giving advice or not. So I'll just ask, what does you fear of opening up stem from? Scared of getting hurt, or what they might think of you? Or is it something else?


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  • Try dating someone you would never consider for a while. This will help you be less picky and therefore relax about the whole dating thing. I don't mean a short fat 55-year old man (unless you're into that), but maybe date a type you would never go for, like a nerd or a musician. You'll get practice at talking and making a connection that way.

    • So, you mean using someone. Terrible advice. She sounds like a good girl and you want to change her into a b*tch.

    • That's not what I mean. Sometimes you truly connect with someone you don't notice at first.