Is she afraid of calling me or is she trying to distance herself?

So I call first and we have a good 40 minute conversation of just chit chatting. She says she has to go but will call me back. Doesn't call and didn't respond to my text last night or today. What gives? Is she afraid of calling me or is she trying to distance herself?


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  • I often forget to return calls...sorry...and mean to reply to texts but sometimes it slips my mind. I'm not absent minded. Just up and down alot. You could possibly give or take with this...Everyone's circumstances are different. But telling you that her friend is interested is 'iffy', this because she could be saying to divert your attention from her, or because she wants to see how you respond and if you will reject the friends interest and admit you 'only have eyes for her'... Tread carefully


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  • Isn't that annoying? I hate when people say they will do something and don't.

    Who knows what's going on with her, but I'd be SO annoyed.

    • I'm just confused, hurt, and pissed off. She tells me she likes me then later mentions how one of her friends thinks I'm cute and hott? What gives? Is she trying to hook me up with her friend or trying to see what her girlfriend thinks?

    • Girls often ask their girl friends if she thinks her guy is hot.

      The calling thing is weird. I hate when it happens to me. It makes me feel like he doesn't want to talk to me.

      Although I have to admit that I've ignored texts and calls in the past. There have been times where I was just to busy or tired to talk to anyone.

    • I know, which makes this all the more confusing for me. :( thanks anyway

  • just drop it then. it's in her court and she doesn't seem overly interested


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  • Rule of thumb: Contact her just once and wait until she gives you a call back or replies to your text. This means give her a call (don't leave voice mail) or just send a single text. Not both and not multiple times.

    If she doesn't respond, wait a few days then try again. If she still doesn't respond, that's not a great sign or she lost her phone or something.

    If she does respond, don't be like "why didn't you pick up the phone?" or "why didn't you reply to my texts?" - she's going to start running.