I'm not sure what to do if I caught my boyfriend on an online dating site?

What should I do If I caught my boyfriend online after we've been serious for 6 months. He signed up for it when we were 4 months in. But when we decided we were serious we deleted our profiles together. So technically he re signed up behind my back a second time.


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  • My gut reaction is to get into a relationship that isn't so strange :)

    But I know how it works, you really need an answer and not just a "go try again" thing.


    What is wrong with being on-line again?

    I guess whether it was jumping over cracks in the sidewalk or getting online, a promise is a promise, right? If he promised, then I guess that is pretty bad of him to break it.

    I think you should say, "Heh jerk, you're a promise breaker. But whatever its just getting online so its cool." Forgive him and live?


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