There is no communication in-between dates

I am seeing this guy, we have gone out twice but the problem is that in between dates he never really calls or texts me. It's really bewildering because he keeps asking me to go out, but there is no communication in between the dates. I haven't heard from him when I told him that I couldn't see him this week because I'm really busy with work. Should I just forget about this guy?


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  • Have you had sex with him? If so, don't expect much. If he cared he would be calling or texting on a regular basis. Maybe he has a girlfriend. Hell, I don't know! Straight up ask his lazy a!# why does'nt he keep in contact or what are his intentions. If he does'nt make an effort to communicate, dump his sorry a!#! I apologize if I sound harsh, just been through so much crap from men before and this situation is nothing new to me. Take care:)

  • I'm totally going through the same thing. I've gone out a couple times with this guy and while the outings themselves are absolutely incredible, he never initiates contact after. I always have to do it...

    I'm thinking that maybe these guys are just looking for someone to go out with because they are lonely or something... but they aren't really wanting to make the effort to make it a real relationship. I'm trying to get over this guy, maybe you should too.

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