Why did he have to block my number?

I accidentally butt-dialed my ex and he messaged me on Facebook asking if everything was OK because he has my number blocked but he can still see that I called. What the f*** is up with that. He blocks my number but still keeps me on Facebook and checks my tumblr. I don't know what that means. He has a new girlfriend. And I still love him.


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  • You answered your own question...

    I accidently butt-dialed my ex: Action

    and he messaged me on Facebook asking if everything was OK: Reaction

    What did he do? He asked if you were OK. Probably because he is a nice person.

    You are obsessing. I think you really need to get over him. He is obviously already over you.

    Time to move on.

    • ooookay. maybe I should've noted that we were on and off for a while. something would happen to make us stop talking but then we'd starting talking again and admit we love each other. even when we were seeing other people. that's the most confusing part.

    • I'm not seeing a clear chain of events.

      Even so, he has someone else now.

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  • He blocked your number,to properly move on from you.And he has a girlfriend...so work on getting over him.

  • He has a girlfriend now if he truly loved you he would have found a way to be with you. Why do you think he blocked you? He had a girlfriend now which means that he no longer wants to make it work with you. Blocking your number was an OBVIOUS action action that he has no interest and wants to make his new relationship work. Just because he loves you it may be just a friendly love not the romantic love anymore. Sorry