Help on first kisses?

Somehow, I have never been the one to instigate a first kiss, and guys who have kissed me never really built to it. They just kissed me or bluntly asked to.

I really like this guy I know, but he's kinda shy (well he's not shy, but he doesn't start things) and I'm pretty shy myself too. I know he won't kiss me unless I begin, which I'm pretty nervous of. Like, I don't want to just grab him because thatd be weird, and I need to make sure before (like in the build up) that he actually wants to.

So help? Any ways to build up to a kiss or ways to read it? Please help, I feel so clueless about this guy..


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  • Well if you are going to kiss him make sure it's a perfect moment. Like a good bye kiss or even a hug and then quick peck on his cheek or lips when you see him. Yo ucan make it seem casual. I think the girls have the power with kissing and just do it when you feel the time is right and the moment is right. Try not to be shy or nervous.


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