I freakout whenever guys start liking me back?

So whenever there is a guy I think I like and start kind of flirting and hanging out with, as soon as he starts reciprocating feelings, I immediately back out. like I get this weird sick feelings, I can't even describe it, but its mixed with like fear, guilt, and nausea and then I just start freaking out/panicing to the point where I cut off all contact with them. this always leads to them hating me because from their point of view it probably looks like I just played them, but I swear that's not my intention, I actually wanted, or thought I wanted, to be with these guys. the only guys I can hookup with are the ones where there are no feelings/emotions/attachments coming from either one of us. I tried forcing a relationship with my ex because I thought that if I could succeed in that relationship then I could get over my "problem," but my "problem" didn't really go away, I always felt uncomfortable alone or hooking up with him, and I ended up dumping him and the relationship was a mess. please help, is this normal behavior? has this ever happened to anyone else? and why do I do this?!?


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  • Ever heard of the expression "You have to love yourself in order to let others truly love you"? Yeah it holds some wisdom after all.

    • i never thought about it like that...

    • Time to start?

    • yeah :( it always sucks to hear sh*t like this, even though I probably knew it somewhere in the back of my mind, but sometimes you just need someone to call you out on your sh*t

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