Communication with someone after a mutual breakup..

I been seeing this girl for about a month, but we both just started school 2 or three weeks ago. We both decided that we wanted to concentrate on our work. I did try visiting her, but with a 40 min drive each way, it just wasn't working out well.

Well now we decided to just be friends, we didn't lose complete interest over each other but dating is just not the best option for us right now. I proposed to continue get back in touch when when school is on break which would be summer. How should I handle her on Facebook and Skype? Should I keep talking to her or keep her on my list but not talk to her, or just remove her.


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  • Ofcourse keep talking to her. Remain intouch with her since you the two of you like one another. You can Skype together, text, talk on the phone, chat on Facebook, etc...You can make it work long distance if you are both keen on making it happen. I know a couple who have been long distance for a year and made it through. They are so happy together. The trick is to work it out with all the difficulties you have to face together.

    You can visit her whenever you can make it happen i.e. holidays, winter break, summer, etc...she can make the effort to visit you as well. You should agree on such things i.e. how will you keep intouch, when are you going to see each other, etc...

    So, yeah, if you want to make it happen, you certainly can. If you like her and you get along well, then don't lose her just because you are far apart. Hope this helps. :)

    • I'm not sure if we still like like each other. Its been a little complicated and I had trouble in the past with long distance so I'm not sure if I'm ready for that. We would still enjoy each others' company its just that with school and work(both of us), its really difficult to find time.

    • Understandable. You don't have to decide right now whether you want to make it work or not. If you aren't sure, then keep intouch with her as a friend. Don't remove her from Facebook. Text her on holidays or when you want to chat. I mean keep it casual and see how it goes from there. :)

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