How do I go about talking to a lady?

I want to know why I can't talk to women without compromising anything about me. Yes, I'm the typical nice guy with average looks but I feel like I have to be mean just to get a girl to notice me. I don't want to have to compromise my personality OR my looks just so she'll pay attention.

How do you do this?


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  • why don't you feel you want to improve your looks to be attractive to women? imagine if women said that lol

    • Because women don't really care about an extent. I've had girlfriends before, all were 8 and 9's. I just keep losing them

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    • A lot of women do care about looks. some don't though, but you could increase your chances at attracting a partner by improving your looks.

    • No. I will not improve my looks FOR a girl. I'd do it for me. That was not the question I asked though. Thanks for trying to answer

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  • The one trick that always gets me, is when a guy looks me in the eyes. Like, straight into my pupil. It makes me feel focused on. Don't look at her eyelashes, or between her eyes, or just in the general direction. Stare straight into her pupil. Especially if you can manage to get that look of smiling with your eyes. And don't just stare into one of them, that's creepy.

    Hope it helps a tiny bit!

    • Thank you for answering the question at hand :)

  • Don't be mean to the girl, a sweet guy it so much more attractive! Just make subtle conversations with her, pay more attention to her than the other people around you, but don't totally ignore them! Be who you are and if you can't do that around her she isn't worth you!


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