Do you think this is enough to forget about him and walk away?

I've been crushing on a guy for a while, I'm talking almost a year now. He came into my life a little after I broke up with my ex boyfriend, and quite honestly I didn't even notice him for a while because I was so stuck on my ex. Anyways I began to notice him popping up just about everywhere I'd take off, like even just randomly driving on the road I'd pass him. I knew he noticed me but I was quite sure if he noticed that I noticed him. Well weeks went by of me running into him going out to get a few drinks with one of my best friends who is a guy himself;who was also falling for me so I must've appeared that him and I were together. SO whenever he saw me out, he wouldn't talk to me, but I'd always catch him staring at me. Then one day when we were both out, we started talking (of course this time I wasn't with my best friend this time) he bought me a drink and he asked for my number so that he could make sure that I got home alright, because if I didn't he'd come back and get me in a few hours. So I had gotten home alright and days after that he texted me everyday. And after a few weeks I had asked him to go on a hike, because I wanted to finally walk the whole trail. He agreed although he ended up having to cancel because it started snowing and he might get called into work to plow. So weeks went by after that and it began to get to the point where it felt off and on. But I realized he just needed to be assured that I was interested. So I began to text him first. Then we hung out twice and it went really well. But after the second time of us hanging out, he didn't text me the next day, so I texted him the day after that and we talked for a few hours, but then the last text I sent him he never responded to. So it's been a few days since then and he never contacted me in anyway. So should I just walk away?


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  • You don't know why he's not responding to you so hold off on making a decision for now. Don't initiate contact with him for a few days, give him a chance to contact you first . If he doesn't contact you then text him, ask him is everything is OK, if you get no response, move on.

    • He always responds to me when I text him, never ignores me. The only times he ignores me is if he falls asleep it's rare that he'll tell me that's why he never responded. And it's been a few days, but I'm not about to contact him first, because I feel like I'd be bothering him..

    • Then wait a few days before contacting him again. It's possible he didn't get your text, so try again later.

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  • I don't think he is a jerk rather than being confused and undetermined about what he wants. He seemed so interested in you back then and made remarkable effort to get your phone number, call you and go out with you. What happened after that proves inconsistency in his decisions and goals. I really think you don't deserve such drama in your life. I could have said "It's OK. Be patient. He likes you and seems like a nice guy" but seriously you deserve a better relationship since you just broke up with your ex. I mean people learn from past experiences and make better decisions later on. You had your share of heartbreak and this guy will break your heart once more due to his inconsistency.

    I believe that both of you should make effort to take the relationship to the next step but it seems like he is relying on you lately in making it happen. Love and relationships is a two-way process. It succeeds when both parties make effort. I think he will drive you crazy by making you ask questions like "Why didn't he call?", "Why didn't he reply?" "He wasn't like that" and more. I woud say save your sanity and walk away.

    If a guy isn't willing to give his all in a relationship and to win his girl's heart, then he is not worth wasting your time and feelings on. You deserve a better man who would appreciate your existence in his life. :)

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