How do you know if you are in a rebound relationship?

My ex and I broke up about a month and a half ago. We weren't together long, just 6 months (which is the shortest relationship I have ever had). After the break up I went on a trip and 3 weeks post break up I met a guy from my city. We clicked, and made out a little and made plans to get together when we were both back home.

After that I came to some conclusions about my ex, that I didn't want to get back together and I didn't want him in my life at all. When I got home, I met up with my ex one last time for closure. After that I started seeing the guy I met on my trip (this was now 5 weeks post break up).

I have come to a point where it doesn't bother me that I will never see my ex again however I think about him from time to time and when I am out with the new guy I secretly wish my ex would see us together.

Is this a rebound relationship even though I don't have any strong feelings left for my ex?


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  • I'd say it's not a rebound. A rebound relationship happens when you're trying to forget about your ex, feelings for him and you're still trying to move on. So you wanna distract yourself from anything related to your ex with jumping into a new relationship.

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