After two so called dates, what are reason you'd stop contacting her?

hey guys, wondering if you could just tel me what may be some reasons why you'd stop contacting the girl you went on two "dates" with. when everything seemed to go smoothly..


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  • He could have lost interest. Two dates isn't much, and if you two don't really know each other he may just have decided you weren't his type. Don't worry too much if that is the case, at least you know now rather than a month or so from now

    He could have also met another girl, or have been talking to someone else before and decided he liked the other girl more.

    Or he could be really busy. Give it a few days of no contact, then message him or text him and ask him what he is up to and if he is free for a date. If he makes up an excuse, forget about him. He isn't interested then. And there are plenty of guys who would probably love the chance to get to know you!


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  • He either:

    A. Lost interest

    B. Has other priorities that take a higher priority

    C. Found another girl

    D. You might have overestimated his interest while on the two dates

    E. Some combination of the above

    There's a 90% chance that it is one of the above.


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  • I hate this, but while girls usually commit themselves to dating one guy, you may be the second or third girl he's dating, and if he stops contacting you, he either found someone who intrigued him more, or things picked up with another girl. I'm not saying this is your case, but maybe it is, either way, keep moving on. Someone is going to think you're worth everything.

    • Yes, many men do that. Often times a girl will flake out on a date, or can't confirm, or he might find a new "number one". Sooner or later, you might also be that "number one" if he decides to consider you girlfriend material. Sometimes you are the second or third option. It changes.

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