I like her a lot, but I'm just wasting my time

We haven't talked for a couple months, and that's mostly my fault. We knew each other for a couple years, always had this flirty/teasing relationship. We had unbelievable chemistry. When she broke up with her boyfriend, who she was with for several years, I saw an opportunity, but let's just say things got messy.

Over the course of the next month or so, we went back to what we had before, but then I grew frustrated that it wasn't going anywhere, so I began to get cold, giving her short responses when I passed by her until finally it seems like she gave up.

Now we don't talk, although occasionally we'll look at each other.

I think I'm just liking her even more now that I don't see her as often so I'm building up the image in my head. But I do know that I have some feelings---say, if she starts going out with someone else, I know I'll be jealous and think why him, and not me.

My rational mind is telling me there's so many girls out there, but it's hard to feel that emotionally.

What should I do?


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  • I have to say that you sound exactly like someone I know. I'm conflicted as to what I should tell you. Clearly, I'd want the guy to make his move already, yet to tell you the truth my pride might get in the way and the result would be another sarcastic quip or lost opportunity.

    You MIGHT want to set up a time and have a real discussion with her. Then again, you might not be the confrontational sort, so you might prefer to just let it pass and move on. The problem there is that you'd just be searching for her in every other girl you look at.

    It has to be up to you, this decision. Look to your heart.

    • are you the girl in my situation? or me?

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    • well, back when she broke up with her boyfriend, I made a move, but now I'm thinking that it was way too soon, especially since they were together for a long time. And, like I said, things got messy after that.

      It's been a few months, though, and I'm more lost than ever...I mean, I have no idea what her status is with her ex, if they're still broken up or what (not that I have a reason to think they're back together). And, like I said, we're now "indifferent" to each other.

    • If you're able to be in touch at all, just call and ask her to hang out -- be ready to treat her to coffee or something shorter than an all-out dinner. Feel the situation out. Show her you care. "Play nicely" and don't get all caught up in licking old wounds or revisiting old taunts.

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  • No your not wasting your time don't give up if you two had something chances are she feels the same way she just doesn't know how to go about talking to you again either because you pushed her away and I bet she doesn't want to seem like she is bothering you. Just try!

  • i think you should become friends with her again.. and then you began dating... not saying you should have an ulterior motive just start dating. if she has feelings for you she will notice... :-)

  • you tired for waiting her in a long.seems that you want to give up your feeling with her:)theys says that love willing to sacrifice and never tired<3


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