Why is he doing this? [texting]

We both have had a crush on each other for awhile now but we've recently started hanging out. Sometimes, when we're texting, he won't even respond to something I've said or comment I've made. For instance, just a few days ago, he asked what I was doing and I told him. No response. I thought I had bad reception so after I left the low-service zone I texted him that I was sorry, he might not have gotten that last text.

But no response! An hour later he was commenting on stuff on Facebook.

If he initiates the conversation and asks me something, why doesn't he respond to my response?

If he likes me, as he says he does, and his body language confirms that fact when I'm around him, why does he not respond to my texts?


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  • I think he's keeping his distance. The very definition of having a crush is a shy love. He's being shy, in a nutshell.

    It makes sense to think so just because he asked you what he thought was a big question, and depending on how large the response was, he didn't want to feel like he was pestering you. You should try to get him out of it by asking him personal questions that he would like to answer.

    • Hm... maybe I should have explained more. He only asked me what I was doing at the moment and we've known each other awhile now. We texted before we knew we liked each other, as friends. And by hanging out I mean we've hooked up. Oh goodness haha.

    • I think it would still be about the same explanation. I knew a girl who used to converse with me a lot because we shared friendly interests. Then when I found that I sort of liked her, I found it hard to talk to her for fear of looking too attached. I think the same sort of process is running in his mind as well.

    • Hm, that is an interesting thought. It could be but he's not really shy. But who knows? :)

  • Give open responses or attach a question to your response.

    • They usually are. But that doesn't give me an explanation! What would you think? :)

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