Not sure if this chick got my messege or not?

How should I approach it to confirm if she is up for a date or not. Basically she was traveling by bus to another city and I am afraid she might not have had signal when I texted if she was interested in going out on Tuesday. That happens to me sometimes, I miss a text because I have low signal and then I don't get it until much later if at all.

The thing is, she might have gotten it, and just not replied. Which probably means, she doesn't want to go out or she doesn't prioritize spending some time with someone as awesome as me. Which is fine because I know I am worth it so it is her loss. I just don't know how to approach the, did you get my last text, convo... It will be awkward if she did... so what are some work arounds?


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  • Why can't you call her instead? Asking someone out through a text message is kinda um weak.


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  • You could just not let it be awkward.. Just ask and if she didn't get it then ask her, if she did then tell she can give you an answer, whether it be yes or no. If she says yes GREAT, if not then like you said, its her loss.

    Hope I helped, that's a tough situation you're in..

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