First date on Valentine's Day?

So I've known this girl for about a year. We are friends and we hang out every now and then, about once every other week. I've never given her any direct signals that I'm interested, although I would guess that she knows I am.

Valentine's day is coming up, and I would like to ask her on a date. The reason I choose this date is because 1) its Valentine's 2) I want a date 3) I want to let her know I am interested. I think this is a pretty clear way to say that. Plus I like romance.

However, I'm afraid she might think that Valentine's day is only for couples, and that might be awkward as we are just friends. I'm 30 and she's 24 and Chinese, and we are both rather mature and reserved.

What do you think?

Anybody else care to chime in here? I pretty sure I'm just gonna go for it and not make a big deal of it. But if you have anything valuable to add, I am all ears! Especially girls...


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  • go for it! the occasion is perfect for that... a discreet gift would be nice, if you don't havea reservation in a restaurant by now, forget it! you won't find a table in any restaurant, so I suggest you to start thinking in something creative, have fun

    • Cool thanks for the support. I live in China so I don't think reservations will be a prob. Plus I plan to take her rollerskating, go-karting, or to the driving range. Thoughts? Also I may break it in first with a few dates that are not explicit dates, before V-day.

  • "Also I may break it in first with a few dates that are not explicit dates, before V-day."

    Definitely do this.

    Asking her out just for Valentines, is a terrible idea.

    • And why exactly is this a "terrible idea" ...? because she would think it was strange?

      Actually, I've done this before, 8 years ago when I was a senior in college. That girl was arguably more mature, but also more open-minded, and she took it well. We were also only friends up until that point.

      I'm not trying to discredit your advice, just curious why you think it's a bad idea. But yeah I will try to have some lead-up dates...