Help! He's stopped talking to me!

This guy who I have been flirting with for months and who flirts back has just stopped texting.

After he went out with his friends he started drunk texting me, I texted back and he then texted a embarrassing 'What are you wearing?' text completely out of the blue and hasn't texted me back since even when I replied with a joking text. has he chickened out? or simply to embarrassed to text me... What should I do I really like this guy and think there is real potential in the relationship.


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  • Step away from the texting and just talk to each other. You know he was drunk texting. He knows he was drunk texting. Find him, ask how he's doing, give him a chance to apologize.

    -- No apology = no respect for you = stop texting him.

    -- Awkward apology = respect for you = set up live time with each other

    to prevent a repeat offense

    -- Smooth apology = he's a player; you have a decision to make; "fish or cut bait".

    Sometimes we get lazy about communicating and rely too much on machines as though that's the only means of reaching each other. Remember that the primary use of the device is to speak to each other...on the phone... It's something we older people tend to do.

    If you don't know where to find him, call once. If he picks up, set up the appointment and meet there. Don't get into everything on the phone at this point. If he doesn't answer and you get VM, just leave a VERY short message that you'd like to meet him this week. When is he available.

    (By chance, whatever you texted him back that day may have affected his desire or ability to continue texting.)


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  • He's embarrassed, definitely, and if it's only the next day he's probably hung over. if it isn't only the next day then just walk up to him and start talking to him when you see him next.

  • Just ignore him!