What do guys mean when they say I will talk to you soon I just have so much going on?

we went out once he texted me a lot at first now he really doesn't because he's been so busy at work he ven blocked me on Facebook I guess because I was bothering him not sure but all he says to me when I ask to talk I will talk to you soon I just have so much going on

no he really is busy that part I know and I know he will call me when he gets time


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  • there's something else going on that he's not telling you about. I met a guy who did the same thing to me saying he's real busy I will talk soon and in the end he finally told me that he lost everything due to his divorce (which he never told me the truth about) and it was kinda scary watching this dude turn into a very angry and ugly man. oh and then his son told me his dad was constantly online trying to pick up other women (and I am forever grateful to his son for telling me that :o) I'd be careful about this guy. sounds a little too cloak and dagger-ish to me and he sounds like a jerk whose leading you on by saying he'll talk to you soon rather than just being upfront and honest. I wouldn't wait around to hear what's going on with him because if he can't tell you now than odds are you're not going to want to hear about it later. take care :o)

    • no there's nothing else going on I've been onhis Facebook from a friends page and all he writes down is about him fixing his car she you got it all wrong

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  • i think if he blocks you on fb then that sends a crystal clear signal that he's not interested in you


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  • He wants you to leave him alone.