Is it my turn to text him and if so, what do I text? I'm so bad at this....

So I've been talking to a guy I met and I like him A LOT. We flirted heavy via text last time we spoke and he asked me when I wanted to get together with him, and since our schedules are so busy we agreed for next month. So no exact date established yet. After many cute messages back and forth, I very sweetly told him I had to go because I started class and would talk to him later...we had sent each other pictures (face only). He was out of town where there's a 3 hour time difference and told me he'd be sleep by the time I'd finish, but to surprise him with another pic when I was done with class...I wasn't sure if he wanted like a sexy picture or something, but I just sent him another one of my face. I told him "sweet dreams :)" when I sent it. He never responded and it has been a week. So, is it my turn to reach out to him? Or should I still let him reach out to me since he never replied? I admit I am bad with communication like this in the beginning. There have been times in the past when I come off as uninterested when really, I assume the other isn't interested. Showing interest vs. playing hard to get vs. not being the chaser and etc. I hate the games. So, what should I do?


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  • Just text him, chances are he didn't get it. That happens to me all the time. And if he doesn't text back oh well. Lol move on I guess.