How often should I text her?

I finally got a girl from works number and I sent her a text yesterday but didn't have a lot to talk about, on account of I was nervous talking to her.. How often should I send her a text if I like her and what to talk about..


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  • Play it cool, unless she thinks your nervousness is cute then you need to keep up an essence of mystery. Catch her off guard but don't let her think you're wasting her time. The best example I've read is think of it like a cat with a toy. If you keep dangling the toy and dragging it along the cat will play with it for ages. If you give the cat the toy it'll lose interest fairly fast. So don't make yourself an open book. Look her in the eyes when you speak in person and don't break contact. Smile. Find out what her interests are, see if you have stuff in common and just talk about random crap, get to know each other.

    When you talk to her you gotta have a bit in common but don't try to find everything to agree on. Have your own opinions aswell and don't be shy to speak about them. Girls don't want a clone, just like you don't. There's gotta be some interest but don't force your opinions on her. As for a time period give it a day or so, you don't want to seem to eagre but you don't want her to forget about it either. Just say something along the lines of 'hey, how are you tonight, what you up to?' - don't make a habbit of asking her what she's doing though otherwise it'll seem like you are breathing down her neck. She will probably ask you what you're doing, tell her you're doing something that interests you (not your collection of bottled and catagorized farts), that way you have something to talk about if she asks you about it ( don't make out like you are completely bored doing it either, make it seem interesting). If she's doing something interesting break out some conversation about that. If she doesn't ask tell her anyway. Don't spend too long talking about yourself though, ask her a few questions.

    After you guys chat for a while tell her you gotta get in some sleep but you enjoyed the chat or something along those lines, don't wait for her to go. But don't go too soon otherwise she'll either catch onto what you are doing or you will confuse the crap outa her. Confusing her lightly would be a good thing though, women are curious creatures and she will prob wonder what your story is.

    If you ever want to take her out ask her in person. The confidence will earn you bonus points, but just relax when you do, realize she can only say yes or no so don't take it so seriously. When you do ask, ask her nicely though, don't pretend you don't give a sh!t (you do)... Avoid a movie though, you can't talk through a movie, it'd be better to ask her out to coffee or something for the first time. If you do ask her out try give it a little twist of humour (as long as she has a good sense of humour) but whatever you do don't diss her in that humour. Some guys can do it and get away with it, but that's because they are completely confident and sure of themselves. Other guys resort to that when they are nervous, and while it would be funny and light hearted if she knew you well, she doesn't so take it easy...

    Hope this helps, good luck!


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  • Every girl is different. For me, if I just gave my number to a guy, I'd like 2 hear from him either later on that day ( eg: 6 hours later) or the next day (much prefer the next day but that's just me) I really can't tell you what 2 text her because I don't know either one of you lol but try 2 get to know her, nothing 2 personal, just basic stuff. Some girls like 2 be text every day, not me. If we've been talking for a few weeks then I'd like a text every other day the most, not twice per day or every day. but that's just me. text her and see how everything goes.


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