Which is better? Text or Facebook?

I got a text from this guy I like for my birthday saying "happy birthday (nickname)!" He didn't say it on Facebook (I'm not complaining, promise!). But for the last few days he's written happy birthday on a lot of different people's walls. what's better? getting a text or a fb post?


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  • well its not a big deal at all but I'd say a text. He sent you a text because it's more personal. He didn't want to write it on your wall too because that might come across weird for saying it twice.

    Its funny you ask this because I did the same thing to the girl I like last week. I just sent her a nice text but didn't write on her wall like I normally would've. It's more personal that way.

  • Neither. It doesn't matter really for me. Whether its texting or fb, I rather have a personal call. Usually a guy if he wants to get in contact with a girl he will try to see em or call them. Fb and text doesn't really mean anything for me. Besides fb text is a little more persoanl but its your birthday, maybe some people just decide to text. Please don't over think things


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