How important is it to give timely responses when dating?

Ok so I have been dating this guy for about 3 weeks. We are not playing anything by the rules, our first date lasted 3 days and then we went away the weekend after. I don't doubt that he is into me, because he continues to make plans with me, and is always the one extending our time together. However he is horrible at responding to texts. After our weekend away I sent him a message 2 days after, and it took him almost a whole day to respond. I am assuming he just isn't someone who pays much attention to his phone since in person he can't get enough of me.

My question is, should I wait to respond to him? Or just continue to throw 'the rules' out the window?


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  • Throw the rules out the window. The guy probably has a busy career. If he is digging you, he'll probably try to respond as soon as possible, but keep in mind that work comes first when he's at work. His time spent with you (which was a lot!) is a far better indicator of interest. Do yourself a favor and burn that "rules" book, okay? Thanks!

  • Throw the rules out the window! I hate when girls do this, just because a guy is busy or doesn't live by his phone a girl for some reason gets pissed off he's taking too long and waits the same amount of time to reply. That's really annoying if you're talking about something important. Talk more in person if you can, texting doesn't mean a whole lot.


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