Do guys like it when you text them that you miss them?

My boyfriend has been kinda vague recently on always getting together and what not, and last night he called me outta the blue and was completely nice. I asked if everything was OK between us and he said of course and not to worry. Then I had to let him go because his government job called him. So I didn't text him the whole night. He did text me at 10 & said '"miss you baby" but that was it. This morning we texted very few times, but I want to text him and say I miss him but I don't want to come off clingy or desperate. Do guys appreciate it when girls text them stuff like that? Because my last text I sent him was come spend the night with me in the field which is this abandoned farm field and we like to sit in the truck bed and watch the stars. But he has yet to answer. I trust him, but again I'm kinda sketchy right now about this. Should I text him and say I miss him or should I not text him at all and see what happens? Guys advice? Girls advice?


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  • no, say it...guys love to know that they are gives you a good feeling.

    you aren't being clingy at all, you haven't seen him in a while and you miss him, just say it!



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  • Yeah it shows you care too.


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