First time dater; any advice?

Hey guys,

So I am almost 21, never had a boyfriend and only been kissed once. I finally decided that I want to start dating.

Problem: Where the hell do I even start? and I'm extremely clueless in this area.


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  • Your type must match for you to actually be able to find a match, so don't think only about your fails too much, also, if you are nervous, why would it be condemned to be a fail?

    You've got a whole evening, and at some point you might get clamed down, perhaps the guy can calm you down feel relaxed in soem sorta way even?

    Don't make such doom scenarios over it, and also, you gain experience from trying, that's how we all start.

    If you wanna create something, you gotta do it step by step, it is for example comparable to making a train, the parts have to be made and you can't make it poof and then it's there, but you will be able to make the production process faster and faster, through experiences.

    It is the same with dating, humans get better at things through experience, and so you shouldn't be afraid to try, because there's a first try for everyone.

    Who cares if it fails the first time, it isn't the end of the world.

    The only advice I could give you is be yourself, for the rest, yes you might need some "creativity" but isn't that the same thing as spontanity, and you can only build that up with someone through... experience with a person.

    No one can give you a starting point with that, or make you MUCH better at it, because the situation will always be different.

    You can only learn to better and quicker adept to that situation through the experience that you shouldn't be afraid of.


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  • I would say talk to your friends and see if they know any good guys. Also don't be scared to approach a guy

  • Go to plenty of social gatherings. See a guy you like, smile at him at him and hope he comes over.


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  • Go out with friends and meet new guy or in school, work, anywhere that's social really.

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