Should I go out with her or wait for someone I feel emotion with?

There's this girl who I'm trying to decide whether or not to date and go out with (I know she likes me). I'm 18 and she's 17. We get along great for the most part and spend a lot of time teasing and flirting with each other and having fun at the same time.

But my big issue is that I don't feel any emotions with her. In my previous relationship, it was very heavy in emotion. The emotions were apparent almost from the start. Not with the new girl. I get very turned on around her and we get along well, but no emotions. So I'm kinda torn. Should I date her and take myself off the market for somebody possibly better, or wait for someone I really feel emotions with?

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I feel that if I would go out with her and we would by bf/gf, that I would always be looking for someone else. That doesn't seem fair to her.


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  • if you like her then surely dating, or just spending time together might lead to a good friendship even if the relationship doesn't work out


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  • If you keep dating her it will make the breakup really hard on her when you eventually want to end it. I say move on - especially if you're already thinking you're looking for someone else.


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  • I think that you should inform her of your opinion. More or less.

    Don't be very specific, just make her understand you're not looking for anything serious at the moment.

    • We already talked about it and agreed to be friends (which has worked out well), but I wonder if we should take things further. Idk, I have a feeling I wouldn't be totally satisfied or happy in a realtionship

    • I don't know, I'm quick to say that girls get hooked up easily in these kind of relationships.

      I'm advising you to be mindful of her feelings (if she did nothing wrong) and if things go sexual, make sure she understand what is going on before actual penetration. I'm serious.

    • Gotcha. Right now we're just friends. And I will try to be very mindful of her emotions. Actually, she told me that she's never done anything with a guy (not even kissed) so I don't want to hurt her.

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