How do you talk to a girl?

I can approach women easily. If I only knew what to say.

It always seems like when I talk to a girl, she's bored. I'm usually happy when I talk. But another guy could say the exact same thing and he gets a little more respect.

How should I be talking to a girl? And what topics are most interesting?


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  • Be yourself. Be genuine, there's nothing worse than a guy trying to be someone else/make conversation he usually wouldn't make. its silly and we can tell. Just be honest and do what you would with a friend or family member. It helps to treat strangers like you already know them, so its not awkward and you seem more friendly!

    • But when I am myself, that's when nobody listens to me.

    • Why? Depends on what you are trying to do here... Have you ever been aware that yo've had some girl you don't like, like you? Yo have friends don't you? People are your friends/like you because you are the best version of you with them, its easy for all of us to freeze up and lose that around cute boys/girls. You can't do that. Just pretend its a family member/buddy and talk, you have nothing to lose and if someone makes fun of yo for it, they're insecre

    • insecure!

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  • Maybe how you deliver. If you're low energy and timid, you could talk about the greatest thing on Earth, it won't sound very exciting.

    Try being high energy, change your intonation, voice, and smile while you talk. You have to engage your audience to keep them interested in what you talk about and you also have to be inquisitive about them.

    • Okay. But how much is too much energy?