Which guy do I chose?

I really like two guys. The first guy I have an msn/dirty webcam chats with and then get ignored by him in person unless he is on his own. The second guy someone who I like so much and have done for 5months now but he is this other guys friend.

i don't know which one to go for though...they both make me happy...but whenever I speak to the second guy I get butterflies and soo nervous..but the first guy just makes me feel so good about myself because he is giving me attention.

My friends keep catching the second guy staring at me and smiling when he see's me in the corridors, so they all think he likes me. Do I take the risk and ask him if he wants to meet up sometime?

Or should I forget about them both? because I am worried that if I end up with the second guy then the frst one will tell him all about our webcam 'chats'.

Which guy do I chose? =/


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  • This is gonna be harsh but I'm gonna keep it 100 with you in the advice I'm giving you:

    The first guy shouldn't even be an option. He only wants you for sex and doesn't even have the decency to acknowledge you in public. Why are you wasting your time on him? And why do you do webcam chats with him after he treats you like that? Respect yourself a little more then other people will too.

    The second guy sounds like he's nice but he comes with a big problem - he is friends with the first guy! Guys talk just as much if not more than girls do so how do you know Guy 1 hasn't told him all about your freaky webcam chats and that's why he's being nice to you? I wouldn't put it past him, just because he seems nice doesn't mean he has good intentions. I'm sorry but I think Guy 1 told Guy 2 about your webcam chats. He sounds like an asshole and guys like that aren't gonna keep something like that private, if they are friends I'll bet money he told him and if he hasn't yet he will if he sees something going on between you and the second guy.

    I would advise you to forget both of them and work on your self esteem before you deal with any more guys.


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  • Go for the second but the first may get jealous and bring up you 'dirty webcam shots' or whatever so I would suggest to stop with filming those.

  • I don't think you really need to worry about the first guy if you were going out with the second guy it was before so its not like your cheating

  • Forget about the first one... "dirty webcam chats" That's not a relationship, it's just plain disgusting and if he can't talk to you in person, what's the point?

    If you really like the 2nd one, then I'd go with him because he seems more of a "nice" guy... But then again, I don't know them personally!

    • How do I approach the 2nd one though? do I ask if he wants to meet up sometime?

    • Just talk to him, and ask him to hang out! Hope this helps!

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