What are some good ways of turning him on or flirting with him?

okay, so I have been going out with this guy for exactly 4 weeks until he broke up with ME last week. And I got really mad not because he "broke my heart" but because I think he lied about why he broke up with me. I asked if it was another girl and he said, "no of course not! how could you think I'm so heartless". Then again he broke up with me through a text message saying he's not in the right state of mind now and needs space. 2 days later I see him holding hands with his ex in the hallway at school. so I'm like wtf!? and now he has another girlfriend. so I'm not stupid because I know he lied to me, so I'm sooo over him now!

But anyways, I liked his friend even before I met my ex, so now I'm talking to him more. And he asked me for my number! We have already made plans to hangout next week afterschool.

so when we do finally hangout, what are some good ways of turning him on or flirting with him to get him to understand that I'm interested in him.?


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  • Just play around with him and act yourself,he should get the hint since ya are ganna hang out.

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