Guys- are your texts brief with a girl you like?

There is a guy that I like and I know through another friend that he likes me. But he is so brief in his texts, as though he is trying to act cool and distant. Guys- have you done this before?


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  • Haha no. If I text a girl short texts that is a really bad thing. That's for me.I have long texts. I have trouble fitting stuff onto just one page most of the times. So if I'm texting that short consistently and not just maybe once or twice, that's really bad. I don't try to act cool that way.


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  • For me, typically yes. If I'm really really into her, I'll think of a reason to text her again later on.

  • The rule for a guy is: the shorter the text, the cooler you are. If his texts are fairly short (3-5 words) he is starting to fall for you. If he consistently sending "man texts" (1-2 words) he is so intoxicated by you he literally can't find words to say that he thinks you deserve. Make a move if he seems, in your words, "distant"!

    • interesting. and he always responds to my texts, no matter how stupid they are. I never send the last text even though I think I will

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    • I doubt this is true

    • Oh?... It is

  • Good conversation is kind of a requirement for me liking a girl. So no... If there is a lot of chemistry conversation can flow for hours upon hours sometimes 8 or 10 hours on all sorts of stuff. If I'm being aloof and just responding with yeah, umm hmmm, whatever, sure, lol then I'm not interested, you are annoying, or I'm mad at you.


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