Can't understand why girls only talk to me once in a while.

I try and talk to girls and have been on a couple of dates. As a matter of fact I am in class with a couple girls I have gone out with, but they don't really talk to me. We say what's up and might talk once in a while, but never really a substantial conversation unless they really want something. Then there is this other girl that I like, who only talks to me once in a while and when I talk to her. Yet she has no problem talking to this other guy who sits in her row. We all have had classes together before so we are not strangers. I have not let the girl know that I like her (the one that sits in the row behind me.) So in my head is like man they look like they are hitting it off well, but I really like her and don't know what to do now. I think she might have been flirting with me in another class and at the beginning of this class, but just passed it off as her being friendly. To actually tell the truth from the first class I had with her I liked her, but just approached her in a friendly way and never asked her out. Now it's like how do I do it now that it looks like she might like the other guy and he seems to have better "game" and better looking (at least body wise).

1.) So how can I break out of this friend zone, especially when I am inexperienced and tend to come off as the "nice" guy?

The main thing that happens with me is that girls will start talking to me, but when I try talking to them they won't respond or just ignore me unless they need something or looking for laughs (because I tend to joke around a lot and act a little goofy). I need to change this and have girls look at me as potential boyfriend material and don't know how to change this. 2.) So in a way it comes down to how to show that I am boyfriend material?

3.) Also why do girls stop talking to a guy in my situation?


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  • 1) to break out just start talking to her ask her question, stuff what you want to know about her nothing personal really like past boyfriends or something. Also flirt with her, start off suddely.

    2)girls like guys that can make them laugh but, show a senitive and caring side too.

    3)either she has lost interest in you or she only has ever seen you as a friend

    hope this helps :)


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  • Wow an question that is actually worth answering on here. You still can be a nice guy, but you have display confidence and flirtatious attractive traits. Coming off as a nice guy it may seem like you come off as needy and that is very unattractive in men. You have to understand that not everyone is going to like you. I used to have your same problem even as a Army Ranger I had trouble I always fell into the friend zone, but I even through that I eventually stumbled upon which really gave in depth view of women in conversation I would check it out and purchase the flow.

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