Unsure of how or whether I should ask a certain girl out

I work at a grocery store with this person. She started there around two years ago but she was in a relationship. I still talked to her and was friendly so I would consider us to be good work friends.

However, I recently learned that she broke up with her boyfriend (about a month ago if I remember right) and I had fun talking to her while waiting for some other work friends at the theater. Both of us arrived pretty early so we chatted for about 10 minutes while waiting for our other friend. While we were watching a movie she glanced over in my direction a couple of times and her foot touched my foot as well. We were sitting along the wall so I know she was looking at me, I'm not sure if their is a certain reason or not though.

I'm hoping it means she likes me a little, she's touched me on the back a few times at work so that must be a good sign right? If it isn't too busy she'll stay and talk to me (she's a bagger, I'm a checker) so I'm assuming she enjoys talking to me.

I would like to ask her out. Unfortunately she doesn't have a cell phone and work isn't really private enough to ask her there. Should I ask her out while at work but keep it very simple? What suggestions would you have?

As my age can show, I'm 24. However, I have hardly had any experiences with dating. I enjoy being friends with women but I am paranoid about going anything further. I will do all I can to conceal any feelings I have for someone. I have never had a steady girlfriend but I would love to have one. So ANY tips/advice would be greatly appreciated.


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  • I think you should ask her out. But in a "friendly" way at first. Go to a movie togheter and see if there's anything there and just keep going out with her, but without any "intentions", exept getting to know her and having fun. Let her take the lead of how fast things will go forward ;) You just play along like a dead fish, do not make ANY moves, sexual moves you should make if you feel like the the moment or whatever, is right. But other than that she is the boss. You just play along

    • Im sayin so because you don't know if she's ready to move on or not, so letting her take the lead is playing it safe :o)

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    • Yeah of course you should give her a flirty eye during the movie, do that several times, even if she doesn't do it first. And yeah getting something to eat after the movie sounds awesome. You'll both be pretty damn hungry by then anyway :-p

    • Awesome I'll try that. What are some other activities that you'd recommend?

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  • Just ask her if she'd like to get a drink after work.

    • Unfortunately she's only 19. Did you mean take her to a bar or something?

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    • A coffee shop?

    • Oh duh, I didn't think about that. Luckily there is one right across the parking lot from work, I could just walk there with her one time. We would both have to be off at the same time though.

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