Guys, if you contact a girl you met in a club after nothing happened there...?

is it just to have sex? or can you actually be interested in a girl you met in a club?

you haven't kissed or anything, just talked and flirted.


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  • Really depends on the girl, but generally I wouldn't go looking for a girlfriend in a club that's for sure. I mean this is no dig on girls that go clubbing, I love to do it myself regularly, but I meet a good proportion of girls out in clubs that would just never cut it as girlfriends, they just don't have the attributes and qualities I look for in a person to be my girlfriend.

    Party girls do make fun friends though, so maybe that could be it, ir really depends on the type of dude he is too.


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  • the best answer to this question is ask him since you guys met in a club its obvisious he's not wanting to be your friend:)

    • oh I don't mean one guy in particular. it happened more than once. I was wondering why you guys usually do this ^^

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    • so you think it's always about sex?

      haha this is actually know the one guy I liked the most and who texted me afterward, eventually said I'm just a friend to him.

      and I mean I am flirting with those guys and dancing if they want to and are good at it (= hardly ever)

    • yes most likely..what I'm saying is you don't meet friends in the club is what I'm saying..but its possible if you guys had that click but that's going have be a risk you gotta take do hold back:)

  • i think this is a weird question. I guess this question shows how different men and women are. The only reason I approach a girl is because I want to sex with her. Can you explain to me what you mean by interest in the girl?

    • interest as in dating and relationship and not just one night stands or friends with benefits

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