What do I do? Does he care?

I have a problem, there's this guy. We started talking last year of March. I knew he had a girlfriend, but I didn't care. They broke up, and me and this guy still talked. We started having sex, and then he moved at the end of May. We didn't talk at all, until he came back in September, He asked to see me. So I went to go see him, after he took me home. I didn't say anything, he texted me and asked why I didn’t say bye. After that I we talked everyday. Everything went back to normal. I was abused by my ex boyfriend. And the dude I was in a relationship with fought the dude I was with before.

After I posted a status on Facebook. He got mad at me, and we started arguing. I don't know why, or what I did, All of a sudden he said for me to leave him alone. We still go to school together. I see him every day, we don’t talk. But my friends tell me that he stares at me, some say he stares at me in a mean way, I also. Sometimes catch him, I want so badly to talk to him. But I'm to scared. He talks to girls in front of me, and sometimes I see him looking at me. I've been having dreams about him too. What do I do? I want to make things right, I'm to scared though, also I posted my status as something, and he found out about it.

Didn’t message me, but messaged my friend. Do I Try? Why is he acting like this? Help please?


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  • U said you want to make things right, But I can see u're not acting like one..

    Maybe I just had a little things to say, communication is important girl..and do you think it's gonna be the end of the world if you talk to him? NO..the only1 who can help you is yourself..

    Talk to him 4 eyes and every question that lying in your head will be answer..


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