Should I try for a kiss on the first date?

We are in college By the way. So this girl is pretty into me I think. We just met a few days ago and are going on a date soon. She texted me first in a really cute way after we swapped numbers and when I called to ask her on a date she didn't answer, but she called me back after listening to my voice mail.

So I bet you guys are going to say "go with how it feels", but actually explain that. Does that mean if the date was fun/decent, should I try for a kiss at the end? Or does that mean only if the date was awesome should I try for the kiss.

And I've never been the one to start a first kiss before so how should I try it if I do? Would it be good to wait until the end of the date and offer a hug and then keep my hands just above the hips and go in for the kiss right after the hug? Or what are other suggestions to make it the least awkward as possible.

Oh and if I should go for the kiss, should I go for the mouth or cheek?


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  • Going with how it feels basically means - get outside of your own head and try and see if the girl actually wants to be kissed. It doesn't just mean whether the date was fun or awesome - it means, actually trying to see if the other person wants it because sometimes the date can be great but that doesn't necessarily mean that the girl wants a kiss.

    As for cheek or mouth, again that depends on what you want and what you think the other person wants. If you think she's shy, then just kiss her cheek. If she backs away when you're aiming for her mouth, then obviusly that's a no so either stop or change direction and just kiss her cheek.

    The main advice is just to use common sense. There are no set rules about this ... well except the obvious and that is not to force her.


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  • i think even if it was a super awesome date you should hold off on the mouth to mouth kiss on the first date. A hug is sweet and possibly a kiss on the cheek if there's some obvious mutual chemistry. I think it sends a message, I'm really into, but I don't want to move too quickly or make you feel uncomfortable. And I think shows that you respect her. :) hope that helps!

    • But people in college have sex after first dates sometimes. So I don't think a hug and a kiss would be too much? Or am I still off on that?

      So do you think I should offer a hug and as we are pulling away from the hug just give her a kiss on the cheek? I guess that seems good because after that I would be able to see her reaction. If she stays close I could go for a real kiss(or she might even get closer for a real kiss)and if she pulls away I will know she wasn't ready. That sound good?

    • I'm a girl in college and I never go all the way on the first date, but there are girls who will. You should never just assume she's easy like that unless she gives you some reason to believe that she is. Yes, I think a hug and kiss on the cheek would be appropriate after a good date, and if she wants more than you will most likely be able to tell, but at least you won't scare her off or affend her if she is the type of girl who doesn't like to rush into things

    • K sounds good. I wasn't looking to have sex at all. I want this to build into a real relationship and getting laid after knowing her for less than a week would not help those chances haha

  • Wait and see how the date goes, you'll know if she expects a kiss. And she will decide where..she'll move her head accordingly.

    Relax, don't try to plan these things so much.

    • "You'll know if she expects a kiss". No I won't. That's why I'm asking the question...

    • Sheust watch her eyes and body language, she'll make it clear. She'll kiss YOU if she has to!

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