There's this guy. Should I cold shoulder him?

I like this guy and he told me he wants a relationship with me. But lately he has not acted interested in me that much and it's frustrating me. I asked him if he was still interested in me and he said yes (he was very convincing so I believe him), so I don't understand what the heck him problem is. I want to make him act more interested without actually confronting him about it.

I've never been good at this with guys I like, but with guys I don't like it seems if I cold shoulder them a bit they get desperate. Will this work with him? Please guys and gals help with your best advice(: I don't mind being a bit mean to him if that's what it takes. I'm looking for a little psychology sublimity lol.


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  • you could try flirting in front of him, that might get his attention

    • We're not together a lot is the thing because I'm always busy with work and school. So when we're together I have him hooked but it lessens in the days I can't see him. Seems completely natural but I want a way to keep him interested in me.

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