Texting again after they don't text you back the first time. Annoying!

This one goes (mostly) out to girls. Why oh why would you text a guy again after they don't respond the first time? Some of you can do it multiple times.

Can you please tell me, because even though I try, I do not understand why you have the urge to text again and again and again without them replying to either of your texts.

This also applies to texting your friends.

p.s. I do not imply texting multiple times in a course of a week/month, but in a course of a day or even worse in a course of an hour.


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  • Its a cry for help, a means to say PLEASE ANSWER its important or urgent. Its like when you repeat a word 3 times to emphasize it, its done for the same reason. It can be done mostly when you're apologizing to someone, where you need to show them a little bit more effort and remorse. Texting several times to get the point across that you really do need to talk to them and are sorry about whatever it is you're sorry about.

    • if it's urgent, isn't it better if you just call? I was thinking more about his kind of texting:

      -hey you wanna grab a beer


      - helllooo so? wanna beer or not?


      - are you avoiding me? if you don't wanna go just say so


      - it doesn't have to be beer. just coffee?


      - OK obviously you don't like me. goodbye!

      and then the next day again :)

    • OH HELL NO. Texting for these silly reasons no way! I was referring to when you need to apologize to someone who won't pick up your calls, and you need to explain via text(s) if necessary to show you care. Otherwise, naaa... I block people who keep texting a thousand times, i.e. my ex.

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  • Girls just get panicky and aren't sure if the text they sent was perceived the wrong way or we just can't take a hint. I usually text a message like "omg are you alive I saw a car just like yours in a huge wreck!" when I just want a response.

  • you know the consistency, promptness of the person you're texting and if you know he shouldve texted by a certain time out of the norm then you proceed to text again. I have had guys call me because I didn't respond within a certain time but he was used to me responding quickly..it also depends on the relationship.

    • ok, I agree that it's different when you're in an actual relationship...but girls texting a guy they're into. it looks so desprate and clingy

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