When guy doesn't text back, is he losing interest?

I've been texting to a guy every day for a month. Usually he always texts me first, sometimes I do in the morning, but typically he starts the convos. He texts all day from the morning till we fall asleep as well. We haven't seen each other very much yet because I go to school a few hours away.

Lately, he takes awhile to respond but still does and I don't care because he has work and school and other things going on (I do the same).

Last night, he told me he would talk to me after his class because they don't allow phones. He never texted me after, so I texted him first a few hours later and he responded. Then I texted him back and no response (I assumed it was because he fell asleep).

He hasn't texted today at all (usually he texts "good morning" so I'm wondering if he's losing interest? Maybe it's the way I text things or I seem too needy (I don't think I'm being needy). Could he be waiting for me to text first? Or does he just not want to talk to me? (If that's the case then I'll let it go.)


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  • sometimes people jsut get busy - you have to realize that you are not the centre of his universe. Maybe he lost his phone. Maybe he got into a car crash and is unconscious in the hospital. Maybe his phone ran out of batteries and he hasn't been able to recharge it yet today. There could be any number of reasons.

    • Yeah that is true. I guess when they stop texting, I overthink things and expect the outcome to be the worst, like they don't want to ever talk to me (of course I've never had a boyfriend so not for sure how everything works). Thank you! :)

  • you kind of sound annoying to me

    • Maybe you made yourself anonymous as your questions are probably annoying as well.

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    • I do too, yet if you read my whole question you would see that he lives 3 hours away and we are both in school so it's more difficult to have a real conversation. Besides, if you like real conversations then why do you comment so much on here?

    • Why not call him then?

      Because I got in a car accident and broke both of my legs, so I pretty much sit at home watching TV and playing the computer...