What do I do now? (I could really use some advice male or female)

Well to sum it up so you have the background information I told my friend like three weeks ago that I was interested in this guy that her and her boyfriend know. She told me that he hasn't dated anyone since freshman year (he's now a senior) and he isn't interested in anyone then. So I've slowly been working on getting to know him, had a great plan for Valentine's day and then yesterday it was all slightly shattered. I guess he told his friends that he was interested in someone (we started a new semester so I guess he met her in a new class), but he wouldn't tell them who it was. So our mutual friend asked if it was me and he was like no. She still hasn't told me this but after school I guess he texted my brother and was telling him how she'd mentioned me and said in his head he was thinking ahhhh awkward. To which my bro told him that she'd been trying to hook us up and he said if she had mentioned that he'd probably wave his hands in her face and be like ahhhh awkward. He was the only guy I had any interest in at all, and the only one I really like, and I (pathetic as it may be) can't stop liking him either. I just feel like even if I wait on the sidelines hoping for a chance, he won't even want it anyways. I can't help but want to wait and try anyways though...I'm totally wasting my time aren't I? I just don't know how to do anything else...=/

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  • Find a way to let it go..theres not much of a chance it'll change
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  • Certainly give it some time. Hopefully the other girl won't pan out for him and you'll have another opportunity down the road. Just keep in mind that pressing the issue right now would be counterproductive, as he already has his sights set on another girl. Furthermore, keep your eyes open for other guys, you don't want to overlook a possibility because you fixated on this one boy.


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