Texting before a date?

today is the day before the date and I was wondering if I should text her anything tonight to start a convo and just talk? Or should I do that tomorrow during the day before the date? I do want to talk to her just to confirm the time and let her know I'm looking forward to the date.

so when do you think I should text her?

and do you guys have any suggestions for texting conversation starters that aren't just "hey" or "what up?". I suck at texting...


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  • save your conversation for the date. if you want to confirm, just say "hey, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow"

    • Is saying "looking forward to tomorrow! should be fun :)" a good idea?

    • sure, sounds good to me.

  • If you want to just confirm the date, just say something simple like "still meeting at 7:30? I'm looking forward to it :)"

    and then that gives her a question so she can reply!

    Save the main conversation for your date :) x

    • totally agree with this, should be selected as best answer :)

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    • She responded already and sounds excited! Thanks!

    • Aww that's great :-) good luck x

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