How do I pick between 2 great guys??!!!!! HELP!

I'm a freshman in college and my boyfriend is a year younger and a senior in high school I now go to school about 2 hours from him. in the beginning of the year I became friends with this guy(only friends) and my boyfriend thought I was cheating on him so he went and slept with some random chick. I got over that fact and then ended up sleeping with my friend.. I've been through a lot with both of them and I can't decide, they both want to be with me really bad, and I don't want to hurt them or see them with another girl(but I know that will happen). Its like when I'm home I want to be with my boyfriend but then when I'm back at school I want to be with my friend. what do I do?! oh and I've been with my boyfriend for about 2 years.

the new guy has also already did sh*t to hurt my feelings when he was drunk.


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  • well, you don't know about the newer guy, but you now know that your boyfriend will cheat on you so take that into consideration..

    • the new guy has also already did sh*t to hurt my feelings when he was drunk..

    • hmm, I really couldn't tell you, there are small things that you can detect that you really can't convey to us.. so just pick the one that you feel you may be leaning for or the one you think will be more committed and love you more in the long run

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