Do you think he'll lose interest in me?

Okay long story short. I had a crush on him on and off, seemed like he was on and off too. He eventually came out and kissed me after watching a movie on my bed and just talking about stuff. He then says he'll miss me and he'll take me out when I'm free (I'm unavailable for a bit). Stuff like that. He's told me to call him. He doesn't text me too often though. Is that normal? Like when the kiss went down he seemed so into me. The few texts he sends do say cute things, and we talk the way we always do, it's not awkward. It's just that sometimes he forgets to reply and what not. I really like him, some insight please?


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  • sounds to me like he's into you, especially if he kissed you. a lot of guys I text sometimes don't reply, even though I know theyre not bored of me or anything. if this guy really likes you, he'll wait until your available then make his move. but if you like him, you have to reassure him every once in a while so he knows he's not just chasing after you, or he might give up