My girlfriend wants to spend more time with me. What to do?

I been with my girlfriend now almost three and a half months. Our relationship is base on us seeing each other every day 30 minutes in the morning before class, 30 minutes during lunch, and normally I go Fridays and Sundays to her house the rest of the time we text or call (Rarely call). Today she did not went to school because she was not feeling good. I notice she was different in her text msgs in the afternoon. She told me she would like to spend more time next to me. She is starting to feel sad about the fact our time together is limited. I promised her when we started our relationship the I will do my best so we can spend more time together in the future. I been trying to get my license, I got myself a job this week to buy a car as soon as possible, I am trying all I can. My mother do not allow me to visit her everyday, however, I know when I turn 18, pay for my expenses, and have my own car I will be able to spend more time with my girlfriend. She said she loose hope once in a while and that my actual situation is OK but I know she just say that to make me feel better. After all I'm 17. Maybe this is normal I really don't know. I need an advise. Thanks for your help and time.


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  • Do _you_ think you guys do not see each other enough. If you are OK with how things r, then you guys have conflicting positions. Anyways she can come see you. its not fair to put all the pressure on you. Fridays& sun- the whole weekend? I think that's quote enough.

    anyways you're trying. I don't see why she's losing hope. its a bit too abstract. I think you need to have an actual concrete discussion with her. she's being a bit childish. she is aware things will change, so what she's doing right now, is pretty obnoxious imo.


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