Why is it two rules for us? One for me, one for him..

What is it with this guy? It's two separate rules for us and he admits it.. When I text him.. he texts me back like 3 hours later and I'm supposed to be there to answer. If he texts me, I have to reply within 10 minutes or he gets pissed off.. He got angry at me because I was working out and not by my phone when he texted me.. he refused to reply and shut off his phone because I didn't answer him.. What the hell is this rule? I'm so sick of it!

Guys.. why would you do this to someone whom you supposedly care for and whom you know cares for you?

It's not just this phone thing either.. this rule pretty much applies to our whole friendship. I'm just so done with these type of friends.


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  • He sounds very traditional, that is, very possessive of you. And the tradtional double standard: he isn't expected to be at YOUR beck and call, but you better be avaliable for him, instantly.

    I opted out of traditional dating because usually it was like this, full of weird negative double standards, imposed by BOTH the guys and girls, although naturally DIFFERENT double standards.

    I can pretty well promise he won't change, so.. you'll have to make a decision, and the sooner, the better.

    • I'm sorry.. but isn't there a better way to express this possessiveness?

      That rule is just plain stupid..

      Yeah, I know what's going to happen and I'm ready to lose him. I'm just too tired of this game he plays. I'm a straight-forward girl and I don't need this nonsense.

    • Yes, by definition, all these double standards are stupid, and out of date now, as well. Good for you for opting out of them!

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  • Tell him what's good for the goose is good for the gander. If he wants to wait three hours to return your text do the same thing to him. Then he'll know how that feels. That rule you speak of is disrespectful and inappropriate to me. And she should also understand if you can't answer him immediately especially is its something like disturbing your workout.

    • Yeah.. well I've been nice and I try to reply quickly for him. I'm not a bitch to make people wait.

      Turns out.. he went somewhere so he shut off his phone.. we were supposed to talk tonight and I called him. Why can't he just say "hey I'll brb" or something in a text if he had to shut it off? He only does that when he's angry so I assumed that he was.. I don't get it. It's so simple to just tell a person.. but apparently not.

  • he's immature, plain and simple.


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  • Talk to him about it.