We go from next to no touching at all to spending the entire night spooning. Do I have a chance with this guy?

He and I have been friends all year. We've been flirting the entire time. We workout together often, we study together, we just chill together. We'll go out to eat together and some times we'll go three days or so being around each other non stop to having a period of time where we really don't talk.

We've done a lot of couple like things. We went shopping for gifts for his niece and nephews for Christmas and we went to a football thing together and he's taken me to a movie. He'll do things that he doesn't like for me, and vice versa.

He's also gotten protective of me, and will wait up long past he wanted to head to bed to hear back from me to make sure I got someplace safe or finished a run safely.

Anyway, there has been up until this point not a lot of touching. Almost like we were kinda avoiding it.

Over the past week or so he started mentioning wanting to cuddle. He invited me over a few times, but I thought he was joking. Apparently he wasn't. The other night I took him up on his offer and I went to his house for the night. We spooned and cuddled the entire night. I've never had someone hold me that close to them before. It was nice. ANYWAY. There was no sex, nor was there any kissing of any type. He got up at 5 and made sure to get ready with the least amount of noise and light possible. When he got back from work (He's a personal trainer and has a client at 6 am) he immediately curled up around me again. When he needed to wake me up for classes he rubbed my back and shoulders to get me up.

We quite literally went from zero contact to that.

And this is after I've pretty much convinced myself that he wouldn't be interested in me in that way.

Does this 180 in the unspoken no-contact rule mean that I have a chance with him?


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  • It sounds to me like he is quite respectful towards you and doesn't want to push himself on you as he values your frienship..He is probably wanting more but waiting to see how you respond to him now that you are spooning..

    He may be too shy and afraid to go any further, not wanting to ruin any chance of a relationship he thinks he may have with you.

    So I would suggest that you now do something, to take it further but gently and see what happens..

    don't rush things if it doent feel right.

    .let this take its course

    • ... Any ideas? A quick kiss to the cheek before I leave one morning?

  • Yes..a quick kiss on the cheek but follow up with a kiss on the lips..

    It will be a lovely moment if you do that


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