What should my mother do?

My mum hates dad's way of treating her and she hates living with him.But she can't divorce him bec. she doesn't work so she wouldn't have money ,anyway my mum fall inlove with a guy and it seemed like he fall inlove with her as he used to tell her babe,he told her that he has got feelings towards her and one day he and mum had a meeting and mum asked him if he was married and he said no and swore to God (but he was actually married) and after this meeting he only called mum once and then stopped talking to her and he stopped answering her calls.and 2 days ago he met my relatives and told them to tell mum that he said hi .

I told mum that I think that he was playing her but mum aid no and she said that she suspects that he stopped talking to her bec. he was afraid that she and his wife would know each others and that way he would look bad .so what do you think?what should mum do?


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  • Your mothers right, I think, about the reason he stopped talking to her.

    I don't know what she should do though, that's really hard. It's terrible that work is a necessity in this world, to make it on your own, it really is. And I always preach that there are better ways around it for those that don't like work. But in her case... I can't see any =/ I can't imagine her opting to be homeless, squatting or spending her time with strange men, and I wouldn't want to suggest that you support her. So... I don't know.

    Either she works, or she festers. Both are horrible things for a person who wants neither. I would encourage her to leave him and get a little job, though. A little job, and a little place, and maybe she'll meet somebody else. It's a worthwhile sacrifice to get out of a bad marriage, nothing is worth staying in that empty place, honestly, nothing.

  • I'm sorry for your mother, but she got played. She's in denial. He's got no intention of ever leaving his wife, and that's why he's not talking to your mother anymore, he knows that she'll expect him to leave his wife for her, and that's not going to happen.

    On top of that, he doesn't want his wife to know, and he's not taking any more chances.


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