How do I tell my boyfriend I would like to spend more time with him without sounding clingy?

When we first started dating he said he wanted to see each other twice a week and take things slow. This means sex only one or 2 times a week which is not enough more me. I would like to spend 3 nights a week with him and also have more sex lol. Any suggestions on how not to sound clingy?


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  • LOL. Tell him just that and he'll be rushing over, haha.

    Nah, just have a casual talk with him and ask how he'd feel about spending more time with you. Maybe he's super busy or something and it would be impractical. Slowly and rather suggestively factor in the "more sex" part and I'm sure he'll agree to something :)

    Honestly, it's a bit odd that you have an assigned quota of days to meet up, lol.