Interactions with other's, how to get out of my shell?

I'll just keep it short:P. My mom past away a few years ago and I made the mistake of not dealing with the sorrow and just bottling up my emotions. Well I couldn't keep something like that inside for very long and one day it started coming out, but I delt with it in a very peculiar way. I used a girl and I would just constantly text her. Now, it's obviously more complicated than that, but in conclusion that's what I did, however, I was juged trumendously on this since people didn't really understand the whole situation. When I finally got over that major hiccup, at came to a point where I feel very uncomfortable around my friends, and others' from my school and I get kind of shy because of my past. I want to show them I feel better and the past was a mistake, but how can do it:P?

On a side note, I have a good sense of humour and I tend to joke around and all that stuff, but whenever this guy comes around (there's history between me and him kinda fighting for this girl, long story), I get quiet. Now, I know I'm better than him, no offence to him, he's a good guy, but I want to talk whenever he's around haha. He intimadate's me because he got the girl in a way. I'm sure I would've gotten the girl if I didn't get intimadated by him.

And one more thing, strangers or new people you would get on a team, how do you approach them with confidence and without fear?


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  • What do you mean, you _used_ a girl? talking to someone isn't using them. its their choice. you didn't keep her hostage.


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