Why do people say kissing on the first date is bad?

Honestly, it's a sign of affection and that you like them. Why wouldn't you do it if you had a good time? Why would some girls not want a kiss from a guy they like?

My take on it is that if a guy tries for the kiss and gets it, they know the girl had fun and would most likely want another date.

If the guy tries for a kiss and the girl pulls away, then the guy doesn't have to waste more time/money on a girl that doesn't feel the same way.

So give me a convincing reason as to why I shouldn't kiss. Or I guess if you like going for a kiss on the first day, say that!

I should also add that I am going on a date tomorrow night and I haven't even known this girl for a week. But we have texted a good amount and there was def flirting and she initiated most of the conversation. Like in three days we have texted about 35-40 times each and she has responded to everyone of my texts and her responses are long. I even tried sending a bad text that gave her no reason to respond and she still responded. Does that change if I should kiss or not?


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  • You want a reason why you shouldn't kiss her? Well if she makes it obvious that she doesn't want to kiss you then I think it's a bad idea to force yourself on her or even try for a kiss because that would just make it awkward for everyone.

    But seriously, there's no rule or law about this. If you want to kiss her and you think she wants to kiss you too, then go for it. If you don't want to, then don't.

    • Would you want the guy to give you a hug first and then kiss as you are getting done with the hug? Or would it be better just to step close to her and go for the kiss and forget the hug?

    • Depends on the guy, how I'm feeling about the guy nad the circumstances. For example, if I had just eaten a big meal and my stomach is super full then no I don't want a hug. If I had just eaten something with a lot of garlic in it, then I would be worried about my breath so no I don't want a hug. And it depends on the girl because for some girls, a hug is more intimate than a kiss e.g. full body pressing vs. quick lip to lip touching. So there's no set answer for that.

  • what if he diidnt spend anything.

    • You post here just to boost your xper points. Good job. You didn't even answer the question.

    • no I was asking a Q.

      You made this kiss all about the guy wasting money. So I was asking-if he wasn't wasting money then what would her rejecting his advance signify for him? I don't have guys pay for stuff . what you wrote is offensive.

      cant you just let her kiss u-if your so worried about it?

      anyways if I want to kiss a guy I kiss him. no problem with a first date kiss-unless you just met. then its weird. id wait. because its too soon.

      if I've known him, then I don't know why id wait. its just a kiss.

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